The challenge of SMAT Co., Ltd. Is never stopped, driven by unlimited passion and energy.

Since its foundation in 2015, SMAT Co., Ltd. has focused on manufacturing automation equipment and producing industrial process control equipment.
SMAT has expanded its business field to the automation system used in a variety of industrial processes, such as automotive parts, electrical appliances, semiconductor and production processing, as well as automated transfer warehouses, product storage structures, conveyors, automated guided vehicles, loading and sorting devices, robot facilities and process computerizing operation systems.

Keeping in mind that only developing and challenging companies can survive in a changing and diverse industrial environment, we are always committed to being a passionate and reliable company for customers.

In addition, we are always committed to being a company that can grow with our customers, with creative thinking and customer satisfaction as the top priority for low cost and high efficiency.

Thank you.

CEO of SMAT Co., Ltd.

Seongmun Kim