Cooperative Robot

Robot Automation Applications

A powerful vision system is built-in, capable of reconstructing production lines and responding to variability, to maximize process flexibility in humanrobot collaborative production.

Our powerful vision-embedded system, cooperative robots, can see, think, and work as intelligent as humans and can easily perform jig-free automation tasks.
The user can use the hand guiding function to enable fast teaching and point input using a simple button whenever the robot poses. All graphical flow diagram-based HMIs allow people to use robots as simple as smartphones.
Without the perimeter safety fence, the user can configure the safety settings of the cooperative robot according to the working environment. For the user's safety, the robot will not move automatically if it detects a collision.

Cooperative Robot Introduction

TM Robot

  • TM5-700

  • TM5-900

  • TM12

  • TM14

Rainbow Collaborative Robot

  • RB3-1200

  • RB5-850

  • RB10-1300

  • Authorized Branch Certificate

Application to various industries

Simple and safe cooperative robots can be used in various industries, including electrical, electronic, metal, food, automotive, and transportation. Default builtin vision systems enable more advanced tasks such as pick & place, assembly, barcode, recognition, and product functional checks and increase automation and productivity.